Previsualize the book

You can browse many pages of the book in the merchant's sites (Amazon and Google Books) before buying the book. You will thus have access to many of the 800 pages of scientific content, and we hope it will convince you to purchase the volume!

The book is edited in three versions:

- As ebook - approximate price 50€

- As printed book - paperback and black&white - approximate price 130€

- As printed book - hardcover and color - approximate price 150€

Exact prices depend on your location, and vary according to different taxation, change rate, etc. You will find in the merchant's site the exact price that applies to your case. 

The "Deluxe" version will be available soon! Don't worry, the reduced price will be applied during the first 4 months from the date of availability!

You cannot pay to buy the book? No worry. We are a non-profit association, with humanitarian purposes. The sale of the book helps us finance our actions (open access journal as well as support for science in some of the least developed countries), but we act in favour of free dissemination of science. Thus if you cannot order the book, explain us and we shall consider your case to send you a free copy.

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