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Publisher: Collaborating Academics (Frontignan, France) - - Date of publication: January, 14th, 2021 - copyrights: Collaborating Academics

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Part A: Fundamental aspects and general properties

Chapter 1: Framework structure crystalline materials and Rigid Unit Modes (RUMs) - Introducing the new concept of MLRUMs and skeletions

Chapter 2: Functional Perovskites: Structure-Properties Correlations

Chapter 3: The intricate lattice dynamics of perovskite oxides

Chapter 4: Hybrid organic- inorganic perovskites: a spin-off of oxidic perovskites

Chapter 5: Structural distortions of orthorhombic RFeO3 and RMnO3

Chapter 6: Properties of Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 and Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3 -based single crystals

Chapter 7: Naturally Layered Aurivillius Phases: Flexible Scaffolds for the Design of Multiferroic Materials

Chapter 8: Phonons and relaxations in unfilled tetragonal tungsten-bronzes

Chapter 9: Temperature phase transitions in Rb2KRe3+F6 elpasolites Raman spectroscopy study

Chapter 10: Trigonal double molybdates and tungstates; Ferroelastic phase transitions

Chapter 11: Maximally localized rigid unit modes and structural diversity of cristobalite - like crystals

Chapter 12: Amorphous materials based on perovskite ferroelectrics

Part B: Elaborated materials and applied properties

Chapter 13: Influence of the PbO excess on the structural, microstructural and ferroelectric properties of PLZT ceramics

Chapter 14: The effect of an AC electric field on the dielectric properties of Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3 ceramic

Chapter 15: BaTiO3 films for multilayer devices by tape casting

Chapter 16: Recent progresses in the synthesis of tungsten bronze thin films by Pulsed Laser Deposition; example of the compound Pb2KNb5O15

Chapter 17: Multiferroic lead titanate–based perovskite ceramics and thin films

Chapter 18: Artificial laminar oxide multiferroic magnetoelectric thin film structures - Elaboration methods and study by synchrotron radiation techniques

Chapter 19: Dielectric properties and switching processes of ferroelectric superlattices

Chapter 20: A review of the synthesis of single-crystal 1D perovskite nanostructures by the hydrothermal method

Chapter 21: Experimental methods to study clay minerals and perspective applications of Fluorohectorite

Chapter 22: Framework structure materials in photovoltaics based on perovskites 3D

Chapter 23: First principles calculations of electronic and optical properties for mixed perovskite: Ba1-xCaxTiO3 and Ba1-xSrxTiO3 (x=0.4, 0.6)

Chapter 24: Hybrid perovskites: Charge carrier recombination effects in photovoltaic devices

Chapter 25: Optical properties of PZN-PT nanoparticles thin layer on ITO glass for photovoltaic application

Chapter 26: Resistance Switching Effect in Octahedral framework oxide





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